Requirements to teach English in different schools

Along with the country requirements, there are also conventions for each type of teaching job and specific requirements within each (these are followed as strictly as possible but are not hard and fast rules - if you qualify to teach in that country you could conceivably be accepted for ANY teaching position available - it's one of those right place, right time situations.

  • you must be a native English speaker
  • you must have a passport with at least 2 years validity
  • a university degree is sometimes required depending on the country / school
  • you must have a TEFL / TESOL certificate
  • all the above conditions
  • OR you must have a teaching certificate
  • other requirements are contingent on the specific country and government you want to teach with
  • all conditions to Teach English Overseas must be met.
  • you must have teacher certification in the area of the posting (PE, history, math, science, English, ESL etc)
  • * many international schools require some/extensive experience
  • experience
  • you must be available to interview in-person
  • Masters degree is typically a minimum requirement but that is not always the case. If you apply in August or in September or February or March (during peak hiring points) you might just get lucky. Some schools ASSUME that when teachers agree to contracts or agree to come back to teach after vacation that those teachers will stick to their word... We wish that was the case.